Wall lamps

Everything well lit thanks to our wall lamps

Good lighting is essential in the home. Especially in dangerous and dark places, such as the stairs or the hall, it is important to choose a suitable lamp. At Nancy Homestore you therefore buy wall lamps that are subtle, practical and stylish. You also quickly and easily place the lamp where you need it most!

Durable, stylish and practical

The wall lamps from our webshop are durable, stylish and practical. Because of their subtle concrete look, they don't stand out too much, but they do fit perfectly with any interior. The lamps have a modern, rectangular shape and are suitable for one light source. Of course, the wall lamps are of excellent quality and easy to install.

Different colors and sizes

If you are used to nancy homestore, you also have a wide choice in terms of colors and dimensions of the wall lamps. On the website we have posted pictures of the different colors. For more information about the dimensions, we recommend that you contact customer service or visit our showroom in Rotterdam.

Where do you place the lamp?

A wall lamp is super practical in places such as the stairs or the hall. In addition, you can hang it in places where a pendant lamp is not so practical, such as on the toilet, the bathroom or under a sloping roof. Due to its sleek and subtle design, the wall lamp actually fits any interior and space of your home.

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